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About GTN

2014-05-08 18.14.52Getting more girls into the game and keeping them there is a challenge for tennis globally. We see a large number of girls come into the game at an early age, only to see them leave before they really blossom and make tennis their thing! One nation reported that over 40% of girls dropped out of competition between Dec 2011 and Dec 2012, and they are not alone.

GTN connects you with coaches and experts from around the world. With great drills and practices on-court, plus events and online activities and the chance to get certified and attend workshops, all led by a team of international experts who are experienced in running successful programs for girls at all levels.

Evolve9’s Girls Tennis Network, aimed at ages 8 to 12, is setting out to change this paradigm. We believe that making sport an integral part of a girl’s life is a job for all of us; coaches of both genders, parents, teachers and role models. With our partners, we are looking to build a support system that meets the needs of everyone involved, with knowledge, community and creativity, we want to be part of the solution!

We have focused our efforts on helping meet the needs of security, connection, individuality, creativity, learning and community. Through these six pillars we make all coaches and parents more aware of the environments that they need to create and the behaviours that shape the engagement and value of tennis in a young girl’s life.

In the long term we want to see girls who have stayed in tennis through the GTN become coaches and players, but more importantly, confident, active people who learnt values that stay with them for life.